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Hey guys. How are you doing? I'm from Canada and I have Ukrainian roots. Do you speak English?
I'm planning to visit Ukraine this summer. I think I'll travel to Lviv then to Kyiv. Maybe, you can advise some nice places to see? I'm especially interested in Ukrainian history and traditional culture. especially the Cossack era.

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> I'm from Canada and I have Ukrainian roots
Prove it

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Hello. You should visit Chornobyl, I think.

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> visit Chornobyl
The only city you should visit is Kiev.

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Сказав кацап. Можеш своїм ротом мого прутня відвідати.

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Вибачай, я не пiдтримую цих цiнностей. Чи ти трап?

⋮⋮⋮   No. 3817

Трап у тебе замість носа, мокшанський підор.

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> Kiev
Do you mean Kyiv? Yep, I've already mentioned in my OP-post that I'm planning to visit this city. However, I'm more interested in Lviv, I'm here right now. It's a truly beautiful city with beautiful girls and nice people with European mentality. Yep, people are not so smiley as in Canada. However I'm very pleased with Lviv citizens attitude towards Canadians.

Also I found out that Lviv is Ukrainian cultural capital and center of cultural Ukrainian resistance against Russian expansion. The biggest city, where Ukrainian language is spoken by majority of citizens. Lviv people also told me that folks in Kyiv are more like of Soviet mentality and the city itself looks like Soviet. It's kind of interesting but I'm here to reconnect with my Ukrainian heritage. Soviet is just a funny kind of Mordor for me watched "Stalin's Death" - great film!.

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what is european mentality?

⋮⋮⋮   No. 3826

zvidky stil'ku nenavusti?
Kolu vona z'yavulas v tebe?

⋮⋮⋮   No. 3828

Москаль, забанений за українську латинку

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Visit Lviv, no Cossacs, but plenty of Ukrainian culture.

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У тебя флаг упал

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