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You failed

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Kropyva cuddle

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Stupid aussie

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Hello Ukrops, post your favorite Ukranian dish
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Я your мазе трахав

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І москаля зовсім не видно

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In my search for Ukrainian food, I found a Bulgarian place and had Shopska Salad and Mititei , pork, lamb, and beef. I found a restaurant in town that serves Borscht and I will go there tomorrow.

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Hopefully that's gonna taste well. Don't want us to be exposed by poorly made soup.

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You should also try holubtsi

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tell me about realitionship between russians and the rest of slavs
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> pls stop using türko-mongol heritage as insult
I don't. Googletranslate this:
> Не прямо тюрки, але сильно помішані з тюрками та іншими степняками. І генетично, і культурно - той же великий шар тюркізмів у нашій мові доводить як активно ми переймали реалії в тюрків, аби вижити в степу.
> Ніби шось погане. Я б сказав навіть, що добре. Певне тому ми такі волелюбні - степ це страшне середовище, але і вільне. Зовсім не в традиціях жорсткої ієрархії візантійщини, як люблять москалі.
I think it's a good thing we are mixed with Turks. Elements of nomadic Turkish culture gave us all possibilities to survive in the wild steppe.
Also, we are more handsome than Ugro-Finnish uglies Russians. But that's another story.

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> When you want to get the authority - you can promote ideas of soviet times and blame liberals with all your problems,get the office and silently fuck your country`s population while saying "It all the blame of liberals! They intend to destroy our country!"
Are you sick? If authorities promote Soviet shit in Ukraine they would suck dick of Majdan-2.

> Nobody will rage or hate you lol.

No open rage cause we are tolerant. But it's not the thing that pleases Ukrainians. I would teach such foreigner a Ukranian word.

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>Не прямо тюрки, але сильно помішані з тюрками та іншими степняками

Here's the map. As you can see Ukrainians have more Asian genes but almost no Finnish.

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I didnt get the whole thing but I get what you are trying to say generally. dyakuyu.

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Do ukranian girls know how to twerk?

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No, they are white

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i miss Ukraine

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Have you even been here?

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Why? How long have you been in Ukraine?

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How many?

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Hoo hoo hoo

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Hello, fellow Ukrops, I've got a serious trouble here.
It seems that I have been shitposting on Pindos imageboards for so long that I mostly forgot Ukrainian language (I am still managing to read stuff properly, the main problem is that I can't write shit). Right now I know it even worse than I know English or even Japanese.
What are some web resources (preferably not in russian, kek) that would help me re-learn the Ukrainian language?
Z mene nihuya, vybachte.

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down syndrome

down syndrome

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Not really interested in whatever you was diagnosed with, it's not helpful.

Shart? Short? Did'ko? Heck?

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It's shit+fart. Also,
Moskal must die.

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